The Purpose of PGFSO

est. 1951

The purpose of the Pennsylvania German Folklore Society of Ontario is:

To research and record the contribution of the early settler families from Pennsylvania who began arriving in Upper Canada beginning in 1786. Many of these families were of the Mennonite faith. These families, settled in three areas: The Twenty(Vineland/Jordan), Waterloo and York Counties. To quote Dr. Arthur Graeff “It was given to one generation in Canada to migrate and pioneer, another to build and expand, another to purify and develop.” The present day generation is surveying the past and preserving it.


The objects of the Society shall be:

1.         To develop an appreciation for the early settlers  (some of whom were Pennsylvania German) through collecting, preserving, recording, and publishing materials documenting and reflecting the contribution of the Pennsylvania Germans to our Canadian culture.

2.         To encourage and assist people to make studies of family and community histories and, when possible, publish them.



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