Lincoln County, ON

In March of 1953 around fifty people attended a meeting at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Isaac High in Vineland Station. Dr. G.E Reaman, President of The Pennsylvania German Folklore Society of Ontario, presided at the meeting. He outlined the purpose of the Pennsylvania German Folklore Society of Ontario. It was to place an emphasis on the culture and customs of their Pennsylvania German community. Dr Norman High, Bishop S. F. Coffman, Edwin Troup and J. E. Culp also contributed to the program. The Chapter of The Twenty was organized with the following charter members: Gordon Frey, Isaac High, R. H. Rittenhouse, W. Edwin Troup, Gordon Fretz, Alfred C. High, Alvin Culp, Joseph E. Culp, Fred Fretz, Alfred E. Frey, Harper Moyer.

Soon after the organization of the Chapter, The Jordan Historical Museum came into being. The materials collected by the museum belonged originally to our early settlers and they help to visualize their way of life. These included heirlooms such as household furnishings, implements and tools. The Fry House, built in 1815 by Jacob Fry on the escarpment above Vineland, was purchased and moved by the community to the museum grounds in 1960. It was the home of Samuel Fry the weaver and still contains the very furniture he used. On display is one of the most outstanding collections of textiles in Canada. This is a fine example of the history of early Canadian architecture; of social life in the community; and a history of weaving as reported in the 1980 PGFSO newsletter.

The PGFSO annual fall meeting was held at The First Mennonite Church in Vineland on October 29, 2005. A tribute was paid to Mr. And Mrs. Moses F. Rittenhouse and a floral arrangement was placed on their grave site in the Vineland Cemetery to mark the 90th anniversary of their donation of additional cemetery land.

Members of the Chapter conduct tours of the area upon request. Dinner meetings with a program follow a bountiful old-fashioned dinner. This has been an annual event for members of the Chapter and the community.