The old Lodge building – Home of the Lincoln Archives


In the early days of the Vineland “Experiment Station”, it was felt that the location was too far removed from any population centres for single workers to find private accommodation. The Station therefore provided both room and board.  Originally the Administration Building, built in 1909, served also as a dormitory for single research staff and student assistants, but by 1945 the whole building was needed for offices and laboratories.

As a result, “The Lodge” was built.  Serving as a dormitory / boarding-house, it provided double rooms for 20 persons in addition to service staff.  The dining room could accommodate 30 people and there was also a large living room and a basement area used for recreational purposes. It is this same basement area that now houses the Lincoln Archives.

By the early 1970’s, on-site living was phased out, but perhaps some residual traces of that youthful camaraderie remain embedded yet within the walls, for the volunteers now working there often comment on the sense of excitement and fun that seems to linger still about the place…

Most of the people involved in starting the Archive, (and who volunteer there), are also Folklore members, so it definitely has strong links to the Folklore group, – as the Museum does. The majority of the collections and donations we have received so far, have come to us from Pennsylvania German, Mennonite sources.  As we continue to sort and accession material, it should eventually be an excellent resource site for anyone interested in researching their Pennsylvania German roots in this area.


Contact the Lincoln Archives:




Friends of Lincoln’s History Archives,

4890 Victoria Ave. North – Box 4000,

The Lodge – Lower Level,

Town of Lincoln, ON   L0R 2E0


Drop in and  see  us  Wednesday   9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

–        lower  level of  the  old  Lodge Building,

–        on  the  Campus  of  the  Vineland  Research  and  Innovation Centre,

4890  Victoria  Avenue  North, Vineland Station, ON