Note Cards

“Note Cards” are available for purchase at Society events.

1.     From a new painting prepared and donated by Murray F. Pipher. A Conestoga Wagon drawn by four horses coming to Upper Canada in the early 1800’s.

2.    From a painting prepared and donated by Isobel (Sherk) Frey. A Conestoga Wagon, animals and settlers preparing to board a barge at Black Rock (Buffalo, NY) for Upper Canada  c 1800.

Our Pennsylvania German ancestors began arriving in Ontario as early as 1786 in Conestoga wagons as pictured here. It took four sturdy daft horses to draw these heavy freight wagons loaded with all of the implements, tools, furniture, seeds and food that the families needed to start their new homestead. There was no room in the wagons for people so everyone walked including the teamster. The families left Pennsylvania on the six-week, 500 mile, journey at various times, often in late summer when the trails were dry and solid and grass was plentiful for the animals. Some wagons arrived as late as the third week in October as pictured here. The settlers knew that black walnut trees grew where the soil was rich and deep so they were anxious to find land where the trees grew tall and straight, like those in the background. A people of strong faith, with hard work and perseverance they carved their homesteads from the wilderness of The Twenty (Vineland/Jordan), Waterloo and York. They created the beginnings of our communities and left their imprint on the economic and social life of Upper Canada.

Artist Murray Pipher Markham © Pennsylvania German Folklore Society of Ontario, 2000

1. “Murray Piper” Note Card with envelopes  – 5 in a package, $10.

Cards can also be purchased individually for $2.50

Matted prints of the Murray Piper painting

Ready for framing, with a cream-coloured mat, dimensions of 14″ x 12″ and signed by the artist Murray Pipher.

The design is the same as our note cards with the Conestoga wagon coming into a valley in Upper Canada in the fall of the year with the coloured leaves and black walnut trees adding to the beautiful colour of the print.
Matted prints are available at $30.00 each plus $10.00 for mailing.



Black Rock Note Cards

2.  “Black Rock” Note Card with envelopes  –  5 in a package, $10.00




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