Memories of Past Meetings – Six CD’s

Waterloo Chapter, Pennsylvania German Folklore Society of Ontario Annual Meeting and Dinner, c.1968 -1976 – 80 minute CD content is from a reprocessing of the original reel tapes (2 hours), edited for noise, gaps, redundancy. Content is in the Pennsylvania-German dialect and in English, music is by the Folklore Chorus. Note the speakers, drama, jokes and spontaneous dialogue.

March 12, 1968 Schwetzfescht

1. 0 Canada, opening prayer, Folklore Chorus directed by David Bergey – OH Kanada

Master of Ceremonies – Roy Bauman, his outline of the evening’s program.

2. Reading of a telegram from Dr. Elmer Rehman, greetings by Dr. Norman High

3. Roy Snyder – “spelling match” dialect word game

4. Milt Good – the evening’s speaker

5. Business – Financial Report, Nomination Report read by Lorna Bergey.

6. Folklore Chorus – Yula Hee Yu/a Hye,

7. Closing Meditation – Dr. J. Ray Mauser

Folklore Chorus – Mueta Bin Ich Gae Tzu Huh (I’m tired so I’ll go to rest}

April 13, 1970 Schwetzfescht

1. Master of Ceremonies, Eddie Bearinger

Folklore Chorus, director David Bergey, OH Kanada, Hi Lo Hi Lo, Du Du Liegscht Meah Du Hatze

2. Folklore Chorus – 0 Fensa Maus

3. Folklore Chorus – Dah Bella Brum, Yula Hee Yula Hye, Voh 1st Don Die Mary

4. Two skits about apple pealing, sauerkraut, hen house

5. Poem, Die Albicide, read by Lovina Weber

Stories by – Milt Good, Eddie Bearinger, Roy Bauman, David Bergey

6. Folklore Chorus – Dah Bella Brum, Hi Lo Hi Lo, Schnitzelbank Song

7. Folklore Chorus- Laeva Vohl

M-C wishes everyone well, hope to see you all next year.

8. A 1866 Will is read in English and Dialect

9. Folklore Chorus – Lead Me Oh My Father, Die Name Sahea Geh Saru

10. German Band selections

March 23, 1971 Schwetzfescht

1. OH Kanada, the singing of a blessing for Dinner

Master of Ceremonies Eddie Bearinger, tells stories and comments about a telegram

2. Harmonica selections by Melvin Snyder

3. Five more stories by Eddie

4. Stones by Eddie and a lady

5. Folklore Chorus, directed by David Bergey – Unsa Schvetzfescht Lied,

Dah Bella Baum, Ta La La Boom Delae, Wart Bis Dee Sunn Shined Nellie

6. Harmonica selections by Melvin Snyder

7. Play-“Farm Girl Mary”, four dialect accents used

8. Folklore Chorus- 0 Fensa Maus

Poem by Elmer Brubacher

9. Milt Good, talks about the beginnings of PGFSO

10. Folklore Chorus – Fraylich Vil/kum, Mueta Bin Ich Gae Tzu Ruh, Laeva Vohl

March 28, 1974 Schwetzfescht

1. Opening – Folklore Chorus – Fraylich Vi/lkum Lorna Bergey introduces – Be

Present At OurTable Lord,everyone sings – OH Kanada

Chorus leader is David Bergey , piano accompanist is Dorothy Elliot, Al Weber – Master of Ceremonies – comments, – story about Eddie Bearinger

2. Folklore Chorus – 0 Fensa Maus – Goodbye Susanna Goodbye, Wart Bis Dee Sunn Shined Nellie

3. Introduction to the Speaker by Lorna Bergey – Jan (John) Gleysteen, Scottdale Pa.

Topic – ” Fraktur”, Jan tells some stories, (in English)

4. Speaker Jan Gleysteen – Fraktur Art among the Mennonites in North America, 1730-1840, illustrated by slides

5. Business & Awards – Al Weber comments about PGFSO, Waterloo Chapter

Business Reports and Officers

Beatrice Snyder makes a long-service presentation to Olive Schweitzer the secretary-treasurer.

Olive S. comments as a founding members of the Chapter. Lorna comments about other ladies who are active in the Chapter.

6. Closing Folklore Chorus – Ich VillSchtraivia – Take Thou My Hand 0 Father, LaevaVohl

Comments by Lorna Bergey

April 1, 1975 Schwetzfescht

1. Folklore Chorus – Schvetz Deitsch, Die Pennslvany Deutsche Leidt

Lorna Bergey, Master of Ceremonies, reads a tribute to our forefathers.

Lovina Weber, in dialect, reads a 1926 tribute for the Pioneer Memorial Tower, Doon

Harold Sherk and Helen Betzner speak about their 1800 ancestors, Joseph Schoerg and Sam Betzner.

Lorna describes the early history of Block 2 (Waterloo Twp), the significance of the Erb and Eby families for the community.

Lloyd Betzner displays some family artifacts.

2. Speaker – Rev Rufus Jutzi – “Our Roots: Asset or Liability”

3. Tributes – deaths of Dr Norman High and Orville Bauman

Folklore Chorus – WirZien Nach Den Verh/essen Land, Grandfather’s Clock

Beatrice Snyder-a tribute to the 1951 founders of PGFSO

4. Operetta – “We’llHave To Mortgage The Farm” Folklore Chorus

Director – David Bergy, pianist- Vivian Feick

5. Nomination Report – Beatrice Snyder, Lorna introduces the new President – Doug Miller

Folklore Chorus- Laeva Vohl(Live Well)

March 30, 1976 Schwetzfescht

1. Opening & greetings, Master of Ceremonies, Doug Miller, Be Present at Our Table

Lord, a Toast to the Queen, a story is told, the music leader is Nelson Weber.

2. Nelson comments then the Folklore Chorus sings, 0 Fensa Maus, Hi Lo Hi Lo, Wart Bis Die Sun Sheint Nellie

3. Minutes of last AGM, President’s Report, Secretaries Report, Treasurer’s Report-

Al Weber, Auditor’s Report – Harold Schmidt, Nomination Committee – Lorna Bergey

4. Announcements – Roy Bauman in dialect, comments re. PGFSO, Schwetzfescht at Bingamin Park, a Boat Trip, Beatriice Snyder reports on the Multicultural Festival

5. Al Weber stories

6. Milt Good stories

7. Roy Snyder stories

8. Eddie Bearinger stories

9. Eddie introduces the Auction of Society plates, cups & saucers, Merlin Jutzi, auctioneer

10. Tribute of Vera Schweitzer read by Verna Good, everyone sings OH Kanada

11. Folklore Chorus – Best Be The Tie That Binds, Gott 1st Die Liebe, Lava Vohl ( Live Well)

Close – Doug Miller

Amol Vieda Recording, Waterloo Area Chapter, 2009

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